Guyabano Juice

Commercially-prepared guyabano juice are widely available at Asian supermarkets in my area. They are reasonably priced at about .80 cents per 8-ounce can and taste-wise, are pretty satisfactory. But if you ever had the pleasure of homemade guyabano juice, you know there is no comparison. While it may require a little more work than simply popping a can, making your own juice is really easy. I had to go through quite a few seeds to get to the precious fruit flesh but one sip of the tangy, milky concoction and it was all worth the effort. It’s libation at its best!

Wash guyabano under cold running water. With a small knife, peel skin. Cut into half and remove middle rind. Remove seeds from flesh and discard.
In a blender, combine the seeded flesh and 2 cups of the water. Process until pureed. In a fine mesh strainer, strain blended fruit and the remaining 1 cup water to remove fruit fibers.
Add sugar and lime juice and stir until blended.
Refrigerate to chill or serve cold over ice.

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